A Tenor and his Fan's Site
Special Edition
Fifth Anniversary
Spring 2005
March marks the Fifth Anniversary of Anthony's .com Fan's Site...and how it's grown since that first year!

At the beginning of 2000, Walter Skelton's Irish site was the only one devoted to Anthony Kearns. But Anthony's popularity was growing and it was obvious that fans were ready for more news of the talented young Irish Tenor.
Hence...anthonykearns.com was born.

When the site was first established, it was just three pages. Anthony said it was "fine" and gave it his blessing.
And so it continued for several years, as Anthony's following grew by leaps and bounds.

It outgrew the time confines of its first two webmasters, as well.
By the end of 2003, the site had expanded to approximately twenty pages and that simply was not enough. So at the beginning of 2004 the revision began and in March of that year, a brand new Fan's Site was reborn as Anthony's Journey.
But it's the extras that so many fans seem to enjoy and thanks to their many contributions, the site has truly become the "Fan's Site" with an abundance of items of interest. There are concert and meet and greet pictures featuring both Anthony and the Irish Tenors, taken by both staff photographers and fans. Concert reviews are frequently offered and always appreciated. We can never have too many.
And staff critic Berta Calechman's Opera Arena, with the popular question and answer section, analysis of Anthony's Arias and the occasional special, are among the site's most prized features. And not to forget staff artist Keith Eveland's popular sketches. There's a section for First Impressions. Even an occasional fan contribution on a particularly fascinating trip to Ireland.
There were extensive changes at that time, but one thing has stayed the same through the years and has come to be the signature of the site...there has always been a complete site index right there, on the first page, and fans can always count on finding complete concert schedules for both Anthony and the Irish Tenors.
Since you asked for it, we've included extensive biographies of the Irish Tenors as well as both on and off stage photos.

And a special section (with his blessing) on Anthony's accompanist, Patrick Healy, a musician and composer of international reputation.

We've included newspaper and magazine articles, contributions from promoters, links to numerous other Tenor related sites, e-mail addresses we feel fans might like to have.
And there are lyrics to such favorites as "Grace" along with pictures and, in some cases, extensive histories.

We try to include the latest information and for this we thank Vince Mitchell, Anthony's Booking Agent and Vector Management as well as you, the fans.
And, of course, our special thanks go to Anthony for his continued support.

We're making a number of changes as we go into our sixth year. You may not find them obvious, but because there is so much material, we've decided to divide the site into two sections. But everything from the first five years will be archived and readily available.
Again...a special thanks to you, the fans!

Gail Hebert, Webmaster