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No doubt about it. Luck plays an important part in a performer's life, no matter how much talent he or she has.

And Anthony Kearns certainly had the luck of the Irish with him, when, in 1993, while studying with Dr. Veronica Dunne, at the Leinster School of Music, he sang for a wonderful pianist, Patrick Healy.
Mr. Healy is himself an accomplished performer who has worked with some of the most famous talents of the 20th Century, such as Toti dal Monte, the famous soprano, tenor Peter Pears, and the well-known contemporary composer, Sir Benjamin Britten. He was rightly impressed with the young man with the beautiful voice. Thus began the collaboration between Anthony Kearns and Patrick Healy.
Not only his accompanist, but his good friend, Patrick has been by Anthony's side for over 10 years, as the two created beautiful music.

And those of us, who attend all of the concerts, are the lucky ones! Here's to at least another 5 years!

Berta Calechman
In 2000, when many of us were seeing him for the first time, Anthony Kearns was "that handsome, young fellow" with the Irish Tenors. Not only did he have a wonderful voice, but was attractive as well.
As the years passed and the popularity of the Irish Tenors multiplied, it had become obvious to all who heard him that Anthony's voice blended beautifully with those of the older and more experienced Finbar Wright and Ronan Tynan.
And what a pleasing combination the three of them made... the serious, gentlemanly Finbar... forever joking, big bear Ronan...and Anthony, still the young, handsome fellow, but now decidedly know for a voice that was being compared to Mario Lanza.
It was a good five years...for Anthony, for the Irish Tenors and certainly for their fans.

Anthony Kearns' voice has changed 
in the 5 years since I first heard 
him. In the first Irish Tenors video, 
I saw a young man who had a very lovely, 
sweet voice.  Yet, even then he had 
the style and expertise to sing