Ronan's autobiography, HALFWAY HOME, was published by Simon and Schuster and released in the late fall of 2001 and is now available in paperback. This book reflects his own positive attitude on facing life with a disability and living it to the fullest! His 1998 solo CD, "My Heart Belongs To You", was released in the United States in 2002. Ronan recorded a solo concert for PBS in June of 2002 in Dublin, Ireland. The CD, video and DVD of this concert, "The Impossible Dream", can be obtained from several on line sources. In the liner notes of his "My Life Belongs To You" CD Ronan says:

"I want people to realize that regardless of what infirmity or disability, it should never stop you doing what you want to do.' 'You can mentally make your mind strong enough to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. Make a deal with yourself to take risks, because when you do and it comes out right, boy it's some buzz!"

Written by C.A. Kilroy
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Ronan graduated from Thomond College of Physical Education in 1985. He later entered Trinity College in Dublin to study medicine and graduated in 1994. He is an Orthopedic surgeon specializing in Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation.
When he was in the last year of residency in his medical studies, Ronan's dad told him he really should look into developing his voice. As a young lad growing up on the family farm, Ronan would sing to the cows and they would give more milk! He sought out Dr. Veronica Dunn at the College of Music in Dublin and began studying voice. He was soon singing in and winning vocal competitions, including the prestigious John McCormack Cup. In 1994 Ronan won the RTE/BBC competition, "Go for It", gaining wide acclaim in Ireland. This victory opened many doors of opportunity. In October 1994 he gained entry to The Royal Opera School in Manchester, England. He was also the only Irish competitor selected to sing in the finals of The International Pavarotti Competition that year. Luciano Pavarotti referred to Ronan's voice as being "very pure." In October of 1998 he was asked to become a member of "The Irish Tenors."
Ronan Tynan has also been the subject of two TV documentaries. The first was produced by the BBC in 1984 at the Paralympics in Long Island, New York where he was one of the competitors. The second documentary was produced by RTE in Ireland and titled "Doctor Courageous." This program told the story of Ronan's life from childhood to athletic competition to medical school to a musical career. He was also featured in a 1999 segment of the ABC news magazine, "20/20" in which Barbara Walters profiled his life.

More recently Ronan has performed for President and Mrs. Bush and has also become an accepted part of the New York Yankees singing "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch at home games and at World Series games. He was also asked to sing at the Memorial Service for the victims of September 11th at Yankee Stadium.
Ronan Tynan left the Irish Tenors following their July 2004 tour of the eastern United States.
We wish Ronan all the best in his solo career ventures.